We come together to unravel the gifts of our grandmother ancestry...
Giving voice to her lineage, reframing perceptions, and creating story around
the gifts she has revealed to us through words, sounds, and movement.

Friday Evening 7pm ~ Open Sacred Circle & Altar

Greetings and Spoken intent ~ Guided Talk
Collective Dance Initiation.

Saturday 9am ~ Reopen Sacred Circle
Unravel your Grandmother's Gifts within your life.
Individual and small group work
Lunch & Dinner on site
Collective Dance Initiation
Evening Candle light labyrinth walk and
into silence for dream time.

Sunday 7am ~
Breakfast and reopening of sacred circle
Bringing forth our ancient Grandmother's gifts & new story.
Noon ~ Final Initiates closing dance upon the labyrinth.

What To Be Open To:

*The most comfortable clothing you can dream up. Big T's, sweats,
cashmere socks, or your grandmother's moo moo.
*If you like,….something special for your nite labyrinth walk. Warm jacket and
scarf if weather is chilly.
*Favorite Music you would like to share is always welcome.
*To open your senses as your begin your journey here….pay attention to your
dreams, daily syncronicity, people and animals which cross your path.
Remain open to the abundant ways Spirit is 'coaching' you.
*Visiting a Book/Music store and trust your guidance as you scan
either the books or music areas. You will then select a special music CD
for your journey, or perhaps a book of poems, or spiritual text. Use your
selection as a 'gift from guidance' for yourself……it will help you ground the
journey. Trust you are always guided to what is in your highest good.
Bring your music or book to the Gathering to share with us.

What is Essential:

*Bring something which you hold sacred…photos, stones, childhood relic.
to grace our weekend altar.
*Bring something which symbolizes the ancient grandmother wisdom that
dwells within you!
*A journal and pen……if you haven't started this…..use the weeks prior to your
arrival to begin writing down your daily thoughts….just a few words is fine.
*To be open to new experiences and a healthy sense of humor.

What to Let Go Of:

*Cell Phone, pager, watches….time will be provided for you to check your
'vital' outside messages.
*Forget your age, or any sense of limitation about yourself.
so you can be fully 'present' within our sacred circle each moment.

The Labyrinth will be open for private and solitary walks throughout the weekend.
Registration and payment for this event may be purchased online by clicking here.
Click here for available Lodging Information.

"By changing the ways in which we move, dance and sing-we gain more access to Spirit. This allows us to accept the gifts of our lineage and to carry forth the new story. When we meet Grandmother Herself as the one who knows-the Wise One, then her story comes alive as the break-open allows the unraveling of the past. Only then can we accept the gifts Grandmother offers. It is a choicepoint. We can enter her apprenticeship; connect and re-weave the tapestry for our own time and place. Because she is one step removed from Mother, Grandmother can embody the bridge to our ancestors."

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